Interface LogManager

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    public interface LogManager
    Manages the logging of changes made in a single transaction. The LogManagerFactory is asked to create a new log manager for each transaction. The same log manager may be re-used but only if it is thread-safe.
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      • getLogControl

        LogControl getLogControl()
        Get the log controller that is used in this transaction.
      • afterCommit

        void afterCommit()
        Called after a successful commit of changes to the database. Note that this method is not called until after the changes have been written to the database and the connection has been closed. If the log manager wants to add information to the database, it must be done before this method is called.
      • afterRollback

        void afterRollback()
        Called after rollback. Note that this methd is not called until after the connection to the database has been closed, and that any information that the log manager has added to the database have also been rolled back.