Interface PlotGenerator

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    public interface PlotGenerator
    Contains information about a single image in an overview plot. The information returned by implementations are usually placed as properties in <img> tags.
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      • getId

        String getId()
        Get the ID of the image. It must be unique among the images generated for a single action. This ID is combined with the ID of the action and extension to generate an application-wide unique ID.
      • getUrl

        String getUrl()
        Get the URL to a servlet that is used to generate the image. This information goes into the "src" attribute.
      • getWidth

        int getWidth()
        Get the width of the generated image.
      • getHeight

        int getHeight()
        Get the height of the generated image.
      • getTitle

        String getTitle()
        Get the title of the generated image. This information goes into the "title" attribute.