Interface MenuItemAction

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    FixedMenuItemFactory, MenuItemBean

    public interface MenuItemAction
    extends Action
    An action for extensions to the menu system. The extension point will add menu items to the Extensions menu.

    There are three types of menu items:

    • A regular menu item, which is usually associated with some kind of action when the user clicks on it.
    • A separator item. It's just for visual appearance. It is never associated with any action.
    • A submenu item, which opens up a submenu when the user selects it. A submenu must specify a getSubmenuId(). Regular menu items can be put into the submenu item by specifying the same id for getMenuId().
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    • Method Detail

      • getId

        String getId()
        ID attribute of the main menu tag. You need to set this value to reference the menu item in a javascript.
        The ID, or null
      • getClazz

        String getClazz()
        Class attribute to add to the main menu tag.
      • getMenuId

        String getMenuId()
        The ID of the menu where this menu item belongs, or null if it belongs to the top-level menu.
      • getTitle

        String getTitle()
        Get the title of the menu.
      • getTooltip

        String getTooltip()
        A tooltip that is shown as a yellow popup when the user points the mouse at the menu item.
        The tooltip or null to not display any tooltip
      • getIcon

        String getIcon()
        Get an absolute reference to an image that will be displayed in the menu. It is recommended that the image is 9 pixels wide and 12 pixels high to line up with the icons used by the BASE core menus.
        A reference to an image, or null if no image should be used
      • getStyle

        String getStyle()
        Extra CSS style attributes that will be added to the style attribute of the menu item div.
        Style attributes, or null
      • isEnabled

        boolean isEnabled()
        If the menu item should be enabled or disabled.
      • isVisible

        boolean isVisible()
        If the menu item should be visible or not.