13.1. Protocol types

Protocol Type allows classification of protocols based on their usage and purpose in the laboratory workflow. By default, BASE creates the 8 main Protocol types and those correspond to the main protocol families identified by MIAME requirements and applied in a canonical DNA microarray experiment meant for surveying gene expression. These 8 protocol types are namely Printing, Sampling, Pooling, Extraction, Labeling, Hybridization, Scanning and Feature extraction.

New applications of DNA microarray technology, for instance DNA binding site identification, imposes the creation of new protocol type in addition to those built-in in BASE.

[Tip] Follow MIAME recommendations

It is advised to define the protocol type Name so that it is compatible with the MIAME requirements and recommendations issues by microarray data repositories.

You can manage the protocol types by going to AdministrateTypesProtocol Type.

Figure 13.1. Protocol type properties

Protocol type properties


The name of the protocol type.


A description of the protocol type.