Chapter 28. Web services

Table of Contents

28.1. Available services
28.1.1. Services
28.2. Client development
28.2.1. Receiving files
28.3. Services development
28.3.1. Generate WSDL-files
28.4. Example web service client (with download)

This chapter is an introduction of web services in BASE. It is recommended to begin your reading with the first section in this chapter and then you can move on to either the second section for more information how to develop client applications, or to the third section if you think there are some services missing and you want to know how to proceed to develop a new one.

Before moving on to develop client applications or new services there are few things that need to be explained first.

  1. Items in BASE are not send directly by the web services, most of them are to complex for this should be possible. Instead is each item type represented by an info class that can hold the type's less complex properties.

  2. BASE offers a way for services to allow the client applications to put their own includes and restrictions on a query before it is executed. For those who intend to develop services it is recommended to have a look in javadoc for the QueryOptions class. This is on the first hand for the service developers but it can be useful for client developers to also know that this may be available in some services.