28.1. Available services

28.1.1. Services

Web services can, at the moment, be used to provide some information and data related to experiments in BASE, for example, information about raw bioassays or bioassay set data. The subsection below gives an overview of the services that are currently present in BASE short description for each. More detailed information can be found in the javadoc and WSDL-files. Each service has it's own class and WSDL-file.

28.1.1. Services

SessionService, SessionClient

Provides methods to manage a sessions. This is the main entry point to the BASE web services. This contains methods for logging in and out and keeping the session alive to avoid automatic logout due to inactivity.

ProjectService, ProjectClient

Service related to projects. You can list available projects and select one to use as the active project.

ExperimentService, ExperimentClient

Service related to experiments. List your experiments and find out which raw bioassays that are part of it and which bioassay sets have been created as part of the analysis.

BioAssaySetService, BioAssaySetClient

Services related to bioassay sets. Get access to the data in a bioassay set that has been previously exported to a file.

RawBioAssayService, RawBioAssayClient

Services related to raw bioassays. Find out which raw data files that are present and download them.

ArrayDesignService, ArrayDesignClient

Services related to array design. Find out which data files that are present and download them.

AnnotationTypeService, AnnotationTypeClient

Services related to annotation types. Find out which annotation types that can be used for different types of items.