Chapter 22. Plug-ins

Table of Contents

22.1. Installing plug-ins
22.1.1. Select installation method
22.1.2. Plug-in properties
22.1.3. Automatic installation of plug-ins
22.1.4. BASE version 1 plug-ins
22.2. Plug-in permissions
22.3. Job agents
22.4. Plug-in configurations
22.4.1. Configuring plug-in configurations
22.4.2. Importing and exporting plug-in configurations
22.4.3. The Test with file function
22.4.4. Configuring Base1PluginExecuter

BASE can get extended functionality by the use of plug-ins. In fact, most of the hard work, such as data import/export and analysis is done with plug-ins. BASE ships with a number of standard plug-ins, the core plug-ins, which gives basic import/export and analysis functionality. See Chapter 4, Resources for more information about the core plug-ins and 3rd-party plug-ins.